Fix A Date nights from RightFlirt

SWISHER NIGHTS | live dating opportunity

One flirty evening in a private area offers the chance to organically meet like-minded singletons in a game called 'Swisher'. After mingling the game kicks in, ladies deciding about chaps with options similar to the Tinder app.

60-90 minutes

to meet organically

Meet, discuss

& potentially date


Chilled out Speed Dating in Brighton & Hove
RightFlirt's Cocktail & Conversation events
Dinner Dates Matchmaking in Sussex

120 minutes

where men rotate

Date in a dash

to meet everyone


CONVERSATION & COCKTAILS | includes 2 drinks 

Take a measure of smooth sexiness, add two parts of flirty, a shot of fun, shake it up and it's your ideal dating cocktail. Events are for those who like the finer things in life, love a good night out and fancy something that’s a bit different.


SPEED DATING EVENTS | includes a drink

Our chilled out Speed Dating events are part of how we've put the fun back into finding romance. We are unique by offering a free drink during event, allow you to make decisions via SMS and deliver results the very next day.

90 minutes

where people rotate

6-minute dates

decide via text

FIRST DATE SERVICE | a bespoke dinner date

Romance should be on the menu with our First Date matchmaking. What we serve up is trying to find you the perfect partner, with an emphasis on who you are, where you are going and who you want for your romantic journey.

70 minutes

for your rendezvous

1 decision

at the end of meal




We offer a new way of dating, bringing simplicity and sophistication to literally thousands of our singletons by creating and crafting that perfect night out with our innovative events and services.

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